Make - Up

Purpose of Education

International Altier Academy trains professional makeup artists for the makeup industry in its training centers in London and Istanbul.

At the end of the training, students   take a strong step in the sector by obtaining a make-up certificate approved by the Ministry of Education .

Participation Conditions

  • 19 - 40 Age Range
  • Minimum High School Graduation


Training Main Topics

1 Week: General Theory
  • Introduction to Makeup Industry
  • Skin Types and Skin Structure
  • Use of Brushes and Products
  • Makeup Techniques Suitable for Face Shapes and Different Face Shapes
2 Weeks: Eyebrow - Lash and Base Makeup
  • Shaping Techniques with Eyebrow Pencil
  • Eyelash Attachment and Removal Technical Applications
  • Base Makeup (Lighting and Shading) Technical Applications
  • Modeling and Camouflage Technical Applications
3 Weeks: Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner Product Range
  • Eyeliner Truths and Wrongs
  • Eyeliner Application Technical Applications
4 Weeks: Daytime Makeup
  • Color and Light Information
  • Color Usage Details
  • No-Makeup Technical Applications
  • Light Smokey Eyes Technique Applications
5 Weeks: Night Makeover
  • Intensive Smokey Eyes Technique Applications
6 Weeks: Shaded Makeup
  • Eye Shapes and Makeup Techniques Suitable for Different Eye Types
  • Shaded Makeup Techniques Applications
7 Weeks: Aqua & Porcelain Makeup
  • Usage Details of Aqua Products
  • Aqua Makeup & Porcelain Makeup Technical Applications
8 Weeks: Bridal Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup Season Trends
  • Applications of Aqua Products and Bridal Makeup Trends
9 Weeks: Arabian - Indian Makeup
  • Advanced Aqua Technical Applications
  • Advanced Headlight Technical Applications
  • Advanced Eyeliner Technical Applications
10 Weeks: TV & Cinema Makeover
  • Make-up Techniques Suitable for Color and Light
  • Cut Crease Makeup Techniques Applications
Week 11: Fashion Makeup
  • Make-up technique applications with more colorful cosmetics within a concept and make-up design, which we call Fashion Makeup and determined according to the collection at fashion shows.
12 Weeks: Fantastic Makeup (Theater Makeup)
  • Advanced make-up technique applications using Aqua products based on a specific concept and mostly using sims, scales and various accessories and false eyelashes.



Our make-up training  lasts 3 months and is organized once a week for 12 weeks .

  • Weekdays: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
  • Weekend: Saturday and Sunday


  • Morning Group: 09:30 - 13:45
  • Lunch Group: 14:15 - 18:30


Frequently Asked Questions

Do students buy the products and materials to be used during the training period?

The product partner brands of our make-up training are Dior Beauty - Tom Ford Beauty - Huda Beauty - NARS - MAC - Kryolan professional products.

All professional products used are supplied by Altier Academy. Exhibitors do not buy any products.

Participants are required to provide their own " 
brushes " - " sponges " for hygiene . 

In the " 
Eyelash Attaching " lessons held in the second week, all participants are given 1 professional eyelash . Altier Academy Ultimate Makeup Book,

which includes all the technical information of the 12-week training. is given to every student.

What certificate will we get at the end of the training?

Students who complete their education receive two (2) documents.

- Ministry of Education approved Makeup Certificate
Altier Academy International Professional Makeup Artist graduation certificate , prepared in English, given in our educational activities in London

Do you help us find a job at the end of the training?

Our Altier Academy students improve their hand practicality by participating in Television Backstage - Fashion Weeks and Fashion Show Backstage projects carried out by our academy, gain industry experience and obtain a strong portfolio with the photos and videos they obtain. 

At the same time, they can log in to our Altier Academy HR portal with the User Name and Password defined for them, see the current job postings from the sector and contact them by applying.

lanmış Kullanıcı Adı ve Şifre ile giriş yaparak sektörden gelen mevcut iş ilanlarını görür ve başvuru yaparak iletişime geçebilirler.

In which areas can we work as a makeup graduate?

Makeup is a profession that is valid all over the world. You can work anywhere in the world where there is makeup. 

- Advertising Shootings Backstage
- TV - Movie Sets
- Fashion Show etc. Backstage
- Magazine etc. Fashion Shoots Backstage
- Hair Salons
- Nars, Mac, Bobbie Brown etc. Makeup Product Companies (Store)
- As a Freelance Makeup Artist, especially Bridal Makeup - Graduation Makeup etc. Special Day Makeup
- Kindergarten - Theater - Children's Birthdays etc. Fantastic
Make -up in areas especially - You can also open your own Makeup Studio.

Do the certificates we will receive approved by the Ministry of Education have international validity?

The Ministry of Education confirmed that all official documents are available in all countries equivalence agreement with the Republic of Turkey.
Main countries that apply: America - England - Scotland - Canada - European Union Countries - Australia - Russia - China and other countries.