Pattern Maker

Purpose of Education

Our modeling training program is 520 hours and lasts for 1 academic year.

The aim of the program is to teach base pattern preparation, stenciling, modeling, grading, marker making and sewing techniques in one-to-one size and intensive workshop, starting from the most basic level in the field of " Women's Wear " - " Early Clothing " - " Children's Wear " and " Underwear ". technical details are taught with experience. 

After this stage, the world's most preferred digital mold program, GERBER Technology, with its latest version Gerber v.12.2, computerized mold techniques are taught, and at the last stage, digital rehearsals of garments prepared in three-dimensional avatars are made with the technology of the future, the three-dimensional fitting program Accumar 3D.

Participation Conditions

  • 18 - 40 age range
  • Minimum Primary Education Graduation
  • Basic Computer Knowledge

Training Main Topics


  • Examining Domestic and Foreign Designers
  • Reviewing Local and Global Fashion Weeks and Fashion Fairs
  • Organizations Directing Fashion
  • Fashion Trends
  • Current and Next Season Trend Analysis Report Review
  • Pantone Color Codes and Colorboard Review
  • Examine All Fabric Types
  • Fabric Types for Production
  • Fabric Types for Design
  • Natural and Synthetic Fibers



Our modeling training is 2 days a week and  lasts for 1 training year .

  • Weekdays: Wednesday and Friday
  • Weekend: Saturday and Sunday


  • Sabah Group: 09:30 - 13:45
  • Lunch Group: 14:15 - 18:30

NOTE : CLICK HERE to view the starting dates of our training groups on our Academic Calendar .

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students buy the materials to be used during the training period?

Drawing pencils, coloring materials, drawing notebooks, fabrics to be used in applications and so on. materials are provided by the students.

What certificate will we get at the end of the training?

Altier Academy is a private educational institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. Therefore, as a result of the applied and theoretical exam to be held by the Ministry of National Education at the end of our training programs in our institution, our students who score 45 and above are entitled to receive an (official) Modeling certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education.

Do you help us find a job at the end of the training?

Yes. As Altier Academy, our professional human resources experts, who work in our Startup Department within our institution, direct our graduates of the Modeling Department, who have received their certificates, to the job opportunities in the sector with the reference of Altier Academy, and enable our graduates to take a strong step into the sector in the fastest way.

Our orientation support is given in writing in our Modeling registration agreements.


In which areas can we work as a modeling graduate?

Our modeling course graduates can work as a designer in the design departments of companies and as a modelist in the model shop departments. At the same time, they can work in fashion houses and with designers as both designer and modelist. In other words, our Modeling graduates have the technical equipment to work in both design and model shop departments.

At the same time, our graduates with high school or higher graduation can become a Master Trainer.

Do the certificates we receive approved by the Ministry of Education have international validity?

Yes. All certificates approved by the Ministry of Education are official documents. Your official document is valid in countries such as Europe, America, Canada, Australia. In this regard, you need to get an equivalence certificate for the country where you will use your official document. You can obtain the equivalence certificate by applying to the Ministry of Education or Directorate of the country you will use.

What kind of solution do you offer if I do not fully learn at the end of the training?

As Altier Academy, our most important goal is to enable our graduates of the Modeling course to specialize in all techniques including the topics in education and have the best practice experience.

Throughout the education process, we have free Pattern - Sewing study lessons in
addition to the trainings. By participating in our planned study lessons, you can complete your training completely by repeating the subject / subjects you have difficulty and want to repeat together with the instructors.